Run or swim for it?

Little did I know that they would turn the large fountains on when I was standing down near the bottom fountain. I thought the large water feature at Olympic Park was off permanently because on my last visit there was no water flowing, so did I get a surprise when they fired up when I was setting up my gear. How quickly can you pack up your camera gear and make a break to the left, pretty dam quickly. That was not all the fun, a puncture on the pushy to boot, but it was worth all the effort.

Panoramic Sydney - Circular Quay

As far as the eyes can see………….. I just love taking panorama photos, there is just something about them.

"What Floats Ya Boat"

There were some great night time shots in Circular Quay last night with the big cruise ship docked.

"Cutting Through Life’s Waves"

This photo is from my recent visit to Darling Harbour. I just love the way the bow of HMAS Vampire is designed, purposely built for pure speed and efficiency to cut through the ocean’s waves with ease to get it to its destination. I guess it is not called a destroyer for no reason. Wouldn’t it be nice if our attitude to life always had the same consistent and permanent design to cut through the negative waves in life? Me included; I am sure many of us go from being the bow of this destroyer, to being the bow of a blow up raft. I believe the key word is consistency, if we just try to have an attitude like a destroyer more times than a blow up raft, we will cover much more distance by cutting efficiently through life’s waves to reach our ultimate destination.

“An Old Work Horse” – SS South Styene

This ended up being a nice photo taken of the Pyrmont Bridge and the SS South Steyne ferry with the west side of the city of Sydney in the background. The South Steyne is now a floating restaurant in Darling Harbour. I actually think it is a little ironic having the old boat and the old bridge next to each other with both having been built in the early 1900’s.  The South Steyne has been an icon of Sydney since 1938. As the famous Manly ferry, it crossed between Circular Quay and Manly over 100,000 times over its 36 years, carrying well in excess of 92 million passengers.

"Golden Rhodes"

Beautiful golden sunset at Rhodes in Sydney just near home. The one thing I love about photography is that you get to stop, watch and wait for these special moments to emerge, very relaxing and satisfying.